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Account registration form

There are many benefits to opening an account with M1 Express:

– Priority status over cash paying customers
– Monthly itemised invoicing
– 30 day credit facility
– Full customer service support
– Allow customer to see where their car is, when it is on route to them, live on map
– No need to carry cash with you

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I accept the terms and conditions listed below and (for businesses) as signatories, we are authorised to legally sign and commit for the business.

By making this application you agree to the following terms and conditions:
– A 15% administration charge will be included in all bills
– Accounts will be paid within seven days of invoice date
– Cars will not be provided if your credit limit has been exceeded
– Overdue/unpaid invoices may be subject to a late payment fee (statutory provisions allow us to levy a £40 administration charge and claim interest at 8% over base rate)
– An initial credit limit of £200
– Credit limits can be reviewed after 3 months